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Brand Story

Origin of "SUNPOLE"

SUNPOLE is derived from the brushless DC motor technology found in power tools, where the rotor rotates around the axis supported by bearings, similar to planets in the solar system orbiting the sun. This in turn served as inspiration for the brand name. The brand logo consists of six solid circles symbolizing constantly revolving rotors, thereby embodying the imagery of reliability as well as SUNPOLE's spirit of continuous innovation and the pursuit of quality.

The water pump powers the filtration system of the aquarium; its importance is akin to the heart in our body. In order to ensure a constant flow of water for filtration and the transportation of oxygen, the water pump must offer rock solid reliability. As SUNPOLE's core product in the aquarium industry, the water pump is the perfect embodiment of the company's R&D prowess and confidence in outstanding quality.

SUNPOLE aspires to provide professional aquarium enthusiasts with reliable, comprehensive aquarium control systems. In order to materialize this philosophy, we begin by building upon the firm foundation of Taiwan ICT industry, where constant innovation and refinement is achieved during product planning, development & design and production & manufacturing. SUNPOLE hopes to introduce new dimensions to the aquarium industry with reliable quality, convenient operation and innovative design, so that aquariums will embrace the qualities of the true, good and beautiful things in life.



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