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Brand Value

Using Taiwan ICT industry as the foundation, coupled with rigorous QA measures that comply with international safety regulations, we manufacture reliable products within reasonable cost constraints. Furthermore, this is complemented by our comprehensive after-sales service to boost the confidence of the consumers in choosing the right products.

We understand that aquarium enthusiasts care the most about the safety and health of their aquatic flora and fauna; therefore, we pay particular attention to the stability and safety of the aquarium's control systems, hoping to satisfy the demands of aquarium enthusiasts.

Since we believe aquariums serve to enlighten our lives and enhance our cultivation, we are determined to launch user-friendly aquarium products for our consumers by doing away with complex operations and maintenance procedures, creating a carefree and leisurely environment that is conducive for the growth of aquatic flora and fauna.

By introducing ICT product development concepts into the design of aquarium control system, we combine industrial design capability with R&D technology to create products that offer aesthetic shape and practical function as well as originality and applicability.

In the age of IoT, as the development of smart environment become increasingly popular, aquariums are also being designed with energy conservation and smart control in mind. In the future, we hope to integrate wireless technology in developing smart aquarium control systems that cater to consumers' needs.



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